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Rear Admiral (Ret) Rosihan Arsyad was born in Bengkulu and brought up in Palembang, South Sumatera. After finishing basic educations in Palembang he choose to follow a career in the Indonesian Navy. Admiral Arsyad received his education from the Indonesian Naval Academy, Air Force Staff & Command ... read more » or download Rosihan Arsyad's CV here »

The Indonesian Journey
A Nation's Quest for Democracy, Stability and Prosperity

Editors: Thang D. Nguyen (The United in Diversity Forum, Indonesia)

Book Description: It has been 10 years since Indonesia was transformed into to a democracy after more than three decades of dictatorship. Considering that it is the world's largest Muslim-majority nation, Indonesia's democratic ... read more »

Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 23
Asian Energy Security: Regional Cooperation in
Malacca Strait

While the ocean has over the years retained its primacy as a transport medium, there are now greater expectations of the immense resources ... Download »

Papers in Australian Maritime Affairs No. 30
Maritime Capacity Building in the Asia-Pacific Region

Historically, Indonesia had great influence in Southeast Asia, made possible by strong maritime forces under Srivijaya Kingdom in the seventh century and Majapahit Kingdom in the twelveth century. Consequently, the two ... Download »

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Seminar Nasional Membangun Kejayaan Maritim Seminar Nasional Membangun Kejayaan Maritim - Pemerintah harus lebih serius dalam mengembangkan kebijakan yang berbasis maritim. Sangat mendesak, dibentuknya maritim policy .. read more »
Kunjungan Gubernur Lemhannas RI ke Harian Sinar Harapan Kunjungan Gubernur Lemhannas RI ke Harian Sinar Harapan - "Media adalah jembatan bagi berbagai pihak untuk mencari solusi damai, dengan kesadaran adanya pluralisme bangsa indonesia untuk ...  read more »
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